EPC for rental properties not expected to reach the minimum “E” rating.

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Residential EPC for Older Rental properties

If you have an older property that you are renting out. You may be aware that the government have agreed that to rent a property it must reach a minimum energy efficiency standard. For the full details from the .gov website Click Here.

So to allow a property to be rented it needs to bee at least an E rating or above. If you suspect you property will fall below this we have a service for you.

We carry out a normal EPC assessment on site. Once carried out we will calculate what the current rating is. If it falls below the “E” rating. We will then carry out some software modelling, to see the most cost effective way to get the correct rating.

Once the improvement work is carried out. We will gain evidence of the improvements and lodge a new EPC with the correct “E” or above rating.